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We are a group of women* of different backgrounds who love playing football. We differ in many aspects: in origins, nationality, age, education, political opinions, religion, ability, social and professional status, favorite club and – last but not least – sexual orientation. Our common denominator is our passion for football.

What We Do

We started our activity in 1999 by organizing weekly, open, informal football games. Our name “Chrząszczyki” made its first appearance in 2001 when we decided to take part in IGLFA Championship in London and the organizers asked us for the name of the team. 

Since then many things have happened. Despite our informal status, our activity kept developing and our group kept growing. In 2007 we started organizing women's football tournaments. We continue to organize open informal games and occasionally parties, film screenings, and other events aimed to familiarize women with football and change sport culture in the country we live in.


In Polish culture football is considered an exclusively male discipline and we face prejudice and discrimination every time we “come out” as football players. As a consequence, female and queer football in Poland are strongly underdeveloped. There are not enough structures: in public schools of any level female football teams are an exception. Outside the education system there are very few informal women’s teams and clubs, no informal leagues or championships, nor public and private financial support, finally no football schools except the ones in official clubs. Groups like Chrząszczyki have to organize their own tournaments if they want to play other teams.

Organizing tournaments and games for informal teams we work to create a space for women* in Polish football. Our ideal space is free from any kind of discrimination and prejudice.


All our tournaments are non-profit and low budget. They are also accessible: we set the lowest possible registration fee because we don't want to create barriers for potential participants whereas money is often the main barrier.
It does not mean that our tournaments depart from the standards of official indoor football championships: we always rent high quality venues, hire professional referees and medical personnel. Our tournaments aim to bring together people of different backgrounds. That’s why we always make an effort to attract teams from different regions of Poland and from abroad.


Since 2010 we have participated in all editions of Etnoliga – a multi-cultural football league for foreigners, refugees, women, and men of different religions and views organized by Fundacja Dla Wolności (Foundation for Freedom).

At the beginning Chrząszczyki were the only female team in the tournament. We played against the Warsaw Vietnamese minority, representatives of several African countries, Chechen refugees, other foreigners, activists, Legia Warsaw supporters and school pupils.

Though we managed to win only one game, Etnoliga1 was a very positive experience, the first long-term championship we ever took part in. What is more, Etnoliga1 brought together different people who, despite living in the same city, hardly ever have the chance to interact with one another. It was such an inspiring experience that we participated in all the following editions.

The Women*’s Football Academy

Our latest project is the Women’s Football Academy which gave its foretaste during the O’Less Festival 2012 and started on a regular basis in 2013. Trainings are held once a week, they are free of charge and open to any woman* who wishes to learn to play football or improve her skills.

More info about the Women’s Football Academy can be found on our calendar and Facebook fan page.

Join us!

Our group is open: women* and girls* are always welcome to join us for a game, to organize a tournament, or share their ideas and initiatives so that we can bring them to life together.

Our group consist of ca. 20 regular members. In order to improve our activities and to broaden their range in 2013 we founded the Chrząszczyki Sports Club.

Would you like to work with us at the Polish women's and queer sport development? Just write us!


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